Residence of the Town of Parkman:




The Planning Board is looking at revising the towns Comprehensive Plan and we need some input from you to get us started. ​​ If you would please answer these questions and turn them into the Town Office, we would greatly appreciate it. ​​ 




  • If you had to choose a future vision for your community what would it be?


  • Do you think the town should pursue an emergency water supply in the vicinity of the center of town for fire? ​​​​ (the town does have a small pond that could possibly work for this; we would check with the fire department)


3.​​ What outdoor park facility would you like to see?

- Enclosed picnic area

-Walking trail

-Gazebo near town pond with picnic are

-​​ Dog park

-​​ Basketball hoop

-​​ Other: _____________________________________________________


  • What is one major improvement or change you would like to see in the town over the next 5,10, 15 years?






In the next few months, we will probably have more questions / surveys and we will post them at the town office, in the new letter, and at KC’s Store.



Thank you,

Planning Board