Please note: Household trash rules have changed as of 1/18/2020


All recyclables now go into normal household trash.  You do not need to separate out Cardboard, Plastic, Metal or Glass.

NOTE: There are no changes to handling of DEMO or SCRAP METAL. These still go in the fenced dump-bins as before.


Q: Why aren’t we separating the recycling out?  Isn’t that more environmentally friendly?

A: Coastal Resources of Maine, the contracting waste handling company, has changed their process for handling waste.  They have adopted an “all-in” approach where recyclables are separated after pickup.  Your recycling will still be handled, just not at the point of drop-off.

Q: Are there any other rules I need to follor?

A: Yes – Coastal Resources of Maine has provided guidelines as follows:

      • Break down all cardboard boxes and packaging
      • Empty and Rinse all containers of food or liquid.  Leave the caps on.
      • Cut up any items over 3 ft in length including garden hoses, twine, rope, tarps, etc. (Anything longer tangles the processing equipment)
      • DO NOT put lightbulbs, batteries, electronics, propane tanks, or paint into the trash.  Instead recycle at a designated take-back site.
      • Place needles and sharps in a proper container or detergent bottle and seal with tape.
      • Donate reusable items instead of discarding.
      • NO YARD WASTE (grass, brush, leaves, or tree limbs do not belong in the trash)
      • NO tires, mattresses, old furniture, carpets, building demo, power tools or other items should be mixed in with your normal household trash.
      • AGAIN, please remember that the scrap metal and demo box rules are still the same as always.  Only household garbage rules have changed.